Study Training for Overseas Trainees and Resident Foreigners

·   Japanese language Studies (beginner to advanced)

·   Japanese Culture Studies (experience kimono-fitting, Japanese cuisine, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, taiko drums, etc.)

·   Visits and Study Trips to famous places and institutions in Kagoshima.

·   Exchanges with the locals (home stays, school visits, etc.)

·   Theme-based studies about the nature, environment, agriculture & forestry, education, and regional promotion of Kagoshima.

Japanese language / cultural studies

 This program has started as Kagoshima prefectual program for university students who study japanese in foreign universities since 1994. Also, We provide a chance that they can study Japanese practically, promote them to understand culture and habit of Kagoshima and interact citizen through Japanese cultural experience, homestay, inspection and cultural exchange. 

・Japanese language / cultural studies for foreign university students

China (Hong kong, Macau)

The University of Hong Kong (1995~)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1995~)
The University of Macau (1994~)


               Duksung Woman's University (1995~)
               Jeonju University (1995~2018)
               Kunsan National University (1998~)
               Gangneung  National University (2002~)


               Fu Jen Catholic University (2019~)

            Feng Chia university (2019~)


               Naresuan University (1994)




・Japanese language / cultural studies for Kagoshima Prefecture technical trainees

China, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentine, Paraguay, Cambodia, Nepal


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・Japanese language / cultural studies for resident foreigners

Resident foreigners such as ALTs(Assistant English Teachers)

DSC01033.JPG DSC01182.JPG
Japanese Class ZEN Painting (Ink-Wash Pinting)

JICA Training Program (Theme-based studies)

<Rural development>
・Rural development/ African countries,
・Rural development/ Oceania countries
・Livelihood Improvement Activity and IGA (Income Generating Activities)  for small rural communities / African countries 

yanedan.JPG oono.JPG

< Agriculture>
・Extension Methodologies of Organic Agricultural Techniques  for Small Scale Farmers/ Central American countries
・Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation (Deciduous Fruit, Citrus) / Bhutan
・Fruit cultivation (Deciduous Fruit, Citrus) / Bhutan
・Horticulture crop Post harvest, processing, Marketing and Farmer’s Enterprise/ Bhutan
・Horticulture (Fruits) Nursery Production and Cultivation Techniques/Bhutan
・Horticulture extension and Public Relation /Bhutan
・Vegetable seed production and Extension method/Bhutan 

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<Nature conservation>
・Nature conservation/ Viet Nam
・Nature conservation/ Laos 

raosu.JPG betonnu.JPG


・Basic education administration/ Indonesia 

fuzokuchu.JPG kagosimakenn.JPG

・Local Governance / African countries

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Exchange Program

・Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS)

Receiving school student delegations from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos

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